Lottie editor: changing color does not work

since a couple of week changing a color in a lottie file results only in the animation not being shown at all.

Is the lottie file web editor broken ?

Example: https://edit.lottiefiles.com/?src=https%3A%2F%2Fassets3.lottiefiles.com%2Fpackages%2Flf20_pXERnM.json

Try to change blue to something else.


Hi, I have the same problem.
Nothing else ?

@benjamin I tried to change the color with the example and you’re right but my animation color can be changed easily in Lottie Editor. I think the issue may be in AE comp or layers.

Try changing color here of animation:https://edit.lottiefiles.com/?src=https://assets5.lottiefiles.com/private_files/lf30_8jnkea.json

I have the same problem and the editor keeps crashing.

I have the same problem. Please see the console here:

Same Here…
Has anyone been able to solve this problem?

Hi @obabuba can you please share the link of the animation you’re trying to change the color?

same problem here

Can’t change colors on the animations either

You can do it with Charlottie if you have some Apple device.

i spent 15 minutes but didn’t figure out how to change the text color … and as a result the app crashed :rofl:

Yes, unfortunately, it is currently impossible to change the text color. I think I will add this feature in the upcoming releases.