✨ Lottie Desktop Viewer

:wave: Greetings everyone!

I’m excited to introduce an application designed specifically for viewing Lottie animations. This tool is completely free and ad-free. I hope many of you find it beneficial! :hugs:

:star: Features include:

  • Previewing your Lottie animations.
  • Accessing comprehensive details about each animation, including parameters and any potential errors.
  • Designating a folder for your animation library, allowing swift access directly from the app.
  • Converting Lottie animations into GIFs or PNG sequences.
  • Generating a shareable link and QR code for your animation with just a single click.
  • Choose between a sleek dark mode and a vibrant light theme for a personalized experience.

:sparkles:And other useful features:sparkles:

Available for both PC and MAC.

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