Is there a way to change size of background in free lottie files?

Hi, I wanna edit one Lottie animation which I got from Lottie website. The background size (just white area) is 2 times bigger than animation… Is there a way to change sizes for ex. export .json to after effect and change background-size to suit better to the animation?

Those jsons you download from are not meant to be imported back to AE. But some Lottie animations have the json file and After effects version attached. And with the AE file you can change the background-size easily. For example, creating a new composition and bring the composition that already exists to that new one. And with this you can size up the composition.

Hi, @tomaszmroz971.
I am developing Lottie editor for iOS/macOS - Charlottie.
You can change background size there.