Is it possible to do this?

Good morning, greetings from Argentina. This is my first post and my English is not the best in the world, excuse me.
I’m making a couple of icons in After Effects + Bodymoovin for a client who wants to incorporate them into an APP. It’s 5 separate icons, one next to the other. It occurs to me to make those 5 icons separately + 1 animated background that extends below them. Everything would be like a Banner. The question: is it possible to put the background + each icon on top of it together and give each icon a SEPARATE functionality?

The APP is for Android, maybe iPhone, I don’t know.

Thank you very much for your time.

hello @sanabriamattos!

i believe if you put the background in a lottiefile and the icons on other one (1 lottie per icon) you can give
a ONCLICKEVENT for each icon with differents functionalities!