Is attribution a must?

I was talking with a web developer and noticed how he was using free animations from Lottie and he didn’t have any attributions or credit mentioned on his site. I asked him about this and he said that “you don’t have to give credit to the animator to use free version”, but every animation I use says this “This animation is available to download and use for Free under Creative Commons License 4.0” and the Creative Commons License 4.0 says that you need to give attribution and so that only the paid ones from the marketplace don’t need to be given attribution for. However most of the paid ones are worse than the free ones for my purposes at least. Also the animations he uses say the same thing.

So what’s the general lining on this? Is giving attribution mandatory or optional? Also if I modify an animation and someone before me has already modified it and published it for example with different colors, how can I ever find the real and original person who did the first version? I don’t see any mention of them on any of the animations.

Sounds like you need to give attribution for the ones that say they need to be attributed and your web developer friend that is not should reconsider / reread the CCL 4.0

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Alright thanks. I thought I was right and he was wrong, but couldn’t be sure as he does it for business.