Help! Lottie not working in Safari only

Hey everyone,

I am having trouble with Lottie Animations loading on Safari and instead I am getting a small :warning: symbol. The animations load perfectly on Chrome and Firefox.

The animations have been embedded using HTML via these instructions How to Add Lottie Animations Anywhere: Web, Mobile Apps, Design Mockups and More

I have seen an earlier post in this forum with someone having the same trouble but they found it was due to a missing SSL cert, I am using Readymag and as far as I can see the SSL cert is activated.

I have added a screenshot of warnings in the web inspector, I am wondering if anyone can make sense of them? I am new to this sorry!

Thanks in advance for your time!

@Alana from the screenshot, it seems the issue is related to CORS.
This is not an animation issue rather an issue on your code level.

Check out about CORS here All You Need to Know About CORS & CORS Errors.

Thank so much for your help, I will check it out!