Google rejecting calls to Lottie Host so wont approve banner ads


I have been using Lottie to host my banner ad files for some time now. So basically I upload a html file to google ads and in that file there is a call to the lottie asset link which displays my banner ad.

As of the start of June, Google has started rejecting calls to and therefore none of my banner ads are being approved. When I queried this with Google support they told me, “Lottie is not GDPR compliant which is why creative is getting rejected.”

I was just wondering if anyone is having similar issues and knows a workaround ?

Thanks !

Yes, others have reported similar issues with Google rejecting banner ads using Lottie due to GDPR compliance concerns. EZDriveMA A potential workaround could be to use an alternative hosting solution that is GDPR compliant for your banner ad files, ensuring that user data and privacy are properly handled.