Free plan for Lottie Creator waiting list

I applied for Lottie creator free plan so I can test it and I see there is a waiting list which is what? I’m a little confused by this.
If I get Individual plan or Team plan will I get lottie creator immediately or I will be on some waiting list as well? Have lottie released Lottie Creator or is it still under construction?

Are you saying the Basic Plan (Free) is a waitlist? If you do the other plans you should be immediately in

I just got feedback from Lottie support. Lottie Creator is not yet out so we just wait. :frowning:

"Thank you for reaching out to us and also to share your interest in our Lottie Creator product.

As for now, we have not rolled out the product nor announced the official release. At the moment, we only have the waitlist for now.
We do not have a solid date for the Lottie creator release date as our product team is still prepping, but when we have it, we will reach out to you.

Hope this helps. "