Find who the Lottie is build

Is there is an option to know how Lottie file I found was build so I can learn from it?

if you found it on LottieFiles, you should be able to download the AE file from the LottieFiles plugin. I think it is new (I don’t recall seeing it last time I was in there), but there is now a button to download the AE file from the website as well.

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Thanks, is it from the site or from After effects?

What Carolyn is showing here is from the LottieFiles for After Effects Plugin which you can download free here.

This would definitely be the easiest way to access the free AEP files to see how people have made their Lottie animations in After Effects :slight_smile:

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Thanks, by the way you know about the problem with saving the logs?

I’m actually having a terrible time with finding what I want via the LottieFiles plugin. If I type in “confetti” I get a couple of confetti animations but the rest are not even close and not what I was able to find on the website. I tried dropping in the URL of the json for the animation I wanted to pull into AE but it basically breaks. How can I find and download the AE for precisely the animation I found on the website?! I told my client to go pick one out and I could customize it. This should be easy and its not. Please help.