Trying to find one specific Lottie animation...I'm a total noob here! :)

So I’m building a website for a client, and he really liked one of my Duda templates because it has the cool Lottie file with a changable logo and changable text in a spinning circle around it. I “thought” it would be easy to find it and just modify it as needed, but after searching for hours and through HUNDREDS of pages of files, I simply cannot find it for my client.

I’m hoping somebody knows how to find this specific file or one very similar to it if possible.

You can see the Lottie File that is on the template at Contact and the original code that’s being used for it (if it helps) is

So how in the world can I find this one specific Lottie file and also hopefully change it to my client’s logo and text in the circle?

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You’ll likely need to generate a new animation since the it’s easier to replace things that way. That is, if you have the AE file.

Also, the Lottie editor slightly works for changing the type… but poorly.

I could help you!.. Just give me the template or after effects project file… or give me the Lottie file and the new logo that you need to place… And I’ll make it for you :slight_smile:
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