Lottie plugin AE

Bodymovin plugin was able to export .json for direct import into webflow.

Now the lottie plugin has a better interface, but the first ‘save to pc’ button doesn’t seem to work (or it saves to some unknown location without obvious warning).
Uploading then gives a screen where save to pc does work, aves a json file, which is not recognized in webflow.

Checking the upload on the lottie site,
there’s a link to the online json file,
opening the url and copying the code in a fresh txt file,
renaming to .json does create a file webflow can read.

Don’t know if I’m missing something,

Awesome stuff anyhow

@steinartworks Same issue I am having just now. Yesterday I updated Lottie Plug-in, which I saw a new version on Lottiefiles. But Bodymovin is working so I am exporting through that channel but I loved the Lottie plug-in which shows preview and exports also in a single click.

I hope someone will sort this out.