Cropped shadows in Lottie

Hi All, I created this animation in AE and I have problem with shadows in Lottie player.
I used combination of shadow effect and glow effects in AE. Any idea on how to expand the bounding box of shadows?

Hello, @Michal

Please try the solution from this post.

This worked! Thanks @vd.oldfriend
I thought it might be an AE issue :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice to hear. You are welcome :wink:

In After Effects, increase the size of your composition to provide more space for the shadow to expand without being cut off. Place a transparent rectangle larger than your animation behind all layers. AutoCAD 2020 ProCADIS purchase. This can trick Lottie into considering a larger bounding box. Play with the shadow effect settings in After Effects, such as increasing the distance or softness to see if it gives you a better result when exported to Lottie.