Canvas crops my content on export

I’ve just created 3 short text animations, and exported them and the bottom of the text is cut off. I’ve tried changing the alignment and canvas sizes but nothing seems to fix it. To be clear this happens all within Lottie and not via other apps like AE. I just hit Export and the publish page shows cropped content. I have downloaded the json file and checked and that is also cropped.


Anything I can do about this?

Hello, @Mark

I downloaded your json file and uploaded it to the Lottie site, but I found neither cropping nor animation there.

Sorry, wrong file uploaded. It’s this one

‘project management’ doesn’t show the bottom of the j or the g. And ‘advisory’ doesn’t show the bottom of the y.

Any ideas? I’ve tried resizing, made no difference. I haven’t tried a different font, because I need Poppins for the branding.


Hello, @Mark

I don’t know how your project is organized, but opening json file in bodymoving showed me that text is cut in subcomposition

And that’s my problem. In Lottie the file is fine - lots of space around the text, no tight cropping, but as soon as I hit Export and generate a json file the text is cropped.
I must be doing something fundamentally wrong because even without any animation the text is cropped. I’m a new user to lottie so if I can’t get past this basic issue, my future use is going to be zero!



Here’s another file - same problem. The description shows the steps I took.


Can you provide AE project?

There is no AE project. It’s completed in Lottie creator and exported.


Oh, I tried to use this tool but have never had success. I’d suggest you to contact developers and report a bug - as I can see at least this ability is present there.

Hi @Mark

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I am currently checking this further with our Lottie Creator team and will inform you once we have fixed this.


We’ve identified the core of this issue and we’re working on it this week! :pray: