Can't Make Dynamic Text work in Lottie Editor

I have a Text layer in my JSON - however when loading the JSON into the online Lottie Editor any change to the text layer is not applied.

I think I’m missing some end-to-end explanation of how exactly to produce something from After Effects that becomes a dynamic text layer where I can change the text, in my case using Swift AnimationText provider.

My scenario is a counter-like indicator that I can set to different numbers. The original text layer has 2 so in the LottiePages editor I can set it to 2 or 22 but not to 3 or 1 or any other character. I realize this has to do with fonts but really no idea how to get the right result - all resources I see assume that the text layer is dynamic but don’t address this part.

Hey @frankie

This is not a bug but rather the editor is working as per design. Here’s why :

The text editing would not work unless the user uses the same set of characters from the original animation.
For example, if the original animation contained the word CONNECT these letters are converted to shapes and used. Thus, the users can only edit/insert the letters “C” “O” “N” and etc. Unless text layers are used (without converting the text to shapes. For example, you will not be able to change the text.

I hope this helps

Thank you - I eventually figured that out from reading other posts but it wasn’t trivial to understand.

I eventually used an invisible layer where I put in all the characters that were expected as text (in my case it was just digits). Unfortunately, I still experienced issues with the text layer - it looked like the shadow and the “alignment” of the text did not properly load in my iOS app (using the Swift implementation) while the Lottie editor displayed them correctly.