Animation of low-resolution grid

Do dotLottie files support a way to animate a (low-resolution) grid of pixels without repeating information about the shape and location of each pixel?

I am not sure if After Effects Repeater Grids support looking up attributes in a data table to e.g. encode a low-resolution raster image, but if so, that seems viable.

Suppose each pixel is a complicated but identical shape, just with different colors and locations. The location is able to be procedurally specified (this is what I know is possible with After Effects Repeater Grids), and the color is not, and has to be defined by e.g. a look-up table.

I am looking for an alternative to encoding the m-by-n shapes independently, to avoid repeating e.g. the complicated shape. Granted, a file with the repeated shape would be amenable to compression, but I am not only interested in dotLottie files for their small size, but also for their semantics.