Echo effect issue

Hi Im trying to render out an animation from after effect that involves
shapes , path and adjustment layers with

  • fractal noise
  • deep glow
  • noise
  • fast box blur
  • echo
  • colorama
  • gaussian blur effects
    but the render result always ends up black
    (allow script and write files and acces network is accepted)
    Any constructive reply would be appreciated

Lottie has a lot of limitations. I’m pretty sure most of those effects are not supported. The best bet is to try and keep things simple with layers / paths. I do believe gaussian blur is one supported effect though.
Here’s the supported effect list:

I see
I have a nested comp with effects,
In the settings If I dont involve the extra comps it renders out without the effects,
however if add the render is blank

yeah, that sounds correct…

the echo effect cant be rendered
however here works

any idea why is that ?

Likely they used multiple layers that are offset in timing and opacity.

None of those effects will work unfortunately.