Animation not rendering in AE LottieFiles plugin panel

Hey everyone. I have a weird issue that I never came across before. My animation is not showing up in the LottieFiles plugin panel for AE. I click “render” and nothing shows up.

Here is a screenshot of my timeline.

What could be causing this issue? I should note that even though the animation doesn’t show, when I click the “upload” button it uploads to LottieFiles. As you can see in this screenshot

Oh that’s an interesting one. Wonder if the same animation issue happens across different machines and plugin versions, would you mind sharing the aep file so I can test it out too?

Update: I have removed a lot of the keyframes an unparented every layer and now the animation shows up in the plugins panel

Now I just have to analyze the entire project and find out which layer is the problem layer.

Update #2: So the 4 layers named “Profile 1 - Profile 4” are causing the animation to not render properly in the plugin panel. All 4 layers are shape layers with the rotation property animated from 0 to -180 degrees. Not sure why just a few keyframes would be causing such an issue like this. I could try using the “auto-orient” option on each layer instead of keyframes but the auto-orient feature is not supported on mobile