Flickering lottie animation (in zoomed-in state it's stable)

Hey. Our designer has created this Lottie https://app.lottiefiles.com/share/010a1051-bcc0-4b07-8d8b-c9db7a5c4887, but it flickers Top-Rated Credit Repair Agency | Credit Joy. Can someone help us fix it? If you will zoom in - it looks perfect, no clue what’s causing it

File: www. 1drv.ms/u/s!Ahh6k2bpJPp7hL4TWUBW-vvYvspsDw?e=G99Sfv

It’s the way Google Chrome renders the animation. If you test it in Safari it is smooth and clean.

Nothing can be done?

Not that I’m aware of. From what I’ve researched it’s entirely based around how Chrome renders SVGs. If you’re using something like Webflow, you can set it between SVG render and Canvas render… sometimes that can fix it

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Thanks. Colors changed, which is weird, but it stopped flickering. Hopefully our dev will be able to troubleshoot it further