Width of Lottie-animation different in various browsers

Hi all,
I’ve just started to create Lottie animations, but have done quite a few in the past week and most of them work like I want it to.

Now I’m having issues with the width of a lottie-animation.
I have tried different ways, See this screenshot.
When I set it to 100% width, or even 200%, I get only a small animation.
If I set it to 900px (which is the width of the inner section I’m placing it in), it has the right width, but the height of the animation is much larger than the actual size height of the animation - so it adds a lot of margin on top and bottom for whatever reason.

Here is a link to the page - the animation is halfway through the page, I have given it a huge headline “For Lottieforum” so that you can easier find it.

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks for reading :wink: