What is "Effects" in feature support?

Hello, I’m new to Lottie Animations and I’m just experimenting with them as I prepare for a future project. Every time I export from the Lottie Creator, it tells me that I used “effects” and that it’s not compatible with Android/iOS (and they do crash on mobile testing). To test more, I downloaded a public animation that worked with Android, then I added it to the Lottie Creator and exported it without changes, and it told me same thing.

I know I’m new but I couldn’t really find any leads as to what I’m doing wrong or how I can get around this. Any help would be appreciated, thank you!


It could be a bug. After reading your post I did a test render of a shape with no animated properties, keyframes and exported it. And it still gave me the “effects” section.

That’s what I thought too. It’s also rough that it’s not just saying it - it really doesn’t work on my mobile app which means there is some kind of incompatible effect being exported. Thanks for letting me know though! I’m new and thought maybe the Lottie Creator wasn’t meant for mobile but seems like there’s it might be a bug.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!
Let me check this further with our Lottie Creator team.

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Hi there, is there a resolution on this? I exported a Figma animation into Lottie and it looks correct and it says it is Lottie web SVG compatible, but not Android or iOS.