Web Accessibility (ADA, WCAG, Section 508)

I am very new the community and researching Lottie as a team I support is looking to implement
Lottie Animations. Although there are some great features in the code generator I have noticed that there are a few barriers in the animations and the Lottie player that will prevent users with disabilities from accessing and understand the information that Lottie is conveying to users. I’ve searched the website, in the blogs, learning courses and community forum but I did not find any information related to Web Accessibility be it WCAG, Section 508, the ADA or any other accessibility.

Is there any information that can be provided to help our users? I specifically searched for a VPAT, ways to add text alternatives to the the player buttons, how to add text alternatives such as captions transcripts and audio descriptions to the video player itself, and how to increase the visual focus indicator when users navigate to the player controls using their keyboard.

Is there a VPAT available, and plans that can be shared on how/when the product will be made accessible?

Welcome to the community and thanks for sharing this vital feedback. I will work on getting you an answer.

We have passed this feedback to the web team (maintains lottiefiles.com) as well as the plugins team (maintains the Lottie player) and it will be addressed as time allows. Rest assured that accessibility is important to us and will be given the focus it deserves
Thank you