Sharing vector lottie animations in google slides?

I’m trying to figure out the best way to share the lottie animations with clients.
We typically present with Google Slides, and I know I can convert it to an animated .gif, but I really want to illustrate the image quality difference of vector.
I know I can upload to Lottie site and they would be able to see the true vector file, but that also requires the client to login and create an account, and that’s not something I want to ask, and it takes away from the desired single cohesive presentation.
The only other way I thought might be possible, is showing the HTML file in a web browser. This definitely shows the clarity of the vector, but my bitmap images are scaled up beyond their native resolution. Say a 300x250, would show in the browser at 3x the size. Maybe there is a way to force the bitmap to show at the defined resolution? Still not sure how, or if I can incorporate a HTML file into a Google Deck, which is what I’m hoping for.

I’m curious if anyone has tried to do this and maybe found a solution to show true vector , in google slides. Thanks for the help!

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We struggled a lot with this (was creating templates) and we found that putting in a 4x GIF was the best solution. Its a heck of a large file but Google Slides allows for large uploads/gifs. It was the only current seamless solution we found while providing a Lottie Link under the GIF or on the slide page.

Thanks Irby, that’s pretty much where we’ve landed in our presentation approach too. It’s unfortunate because even at x4 resolution, you don’t get a clear idea of how sharp vector can be. We’ve toyed with putting Lottie links in the deck, but with projects that combine bitmap and vector, it opens a whole other door of client confusion between bitmap and vector. Especially when pushing in beyond 100%.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts…

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Of course and anytime :slight_smile:

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