Lottie json v5.7.0 issue

Hi, i just don’t know why lottie json files exported from the dashboard work fine in react native ios but not in react native android (the app crashes)

  • I made the animation in fingma
  • imported it via the official lottie plugin on figma
  • exported it (download as json) today (november 20, 2023) at 00:58
  • expo sdk: 49
  • react native: 0.72.6
  • lottie-react-native: 5.1.6
  • version in the json file: 5.7.0
  • last lines in the json file:

i tried with the same config but only with a different lottie animation json file (that i have made 5 months ago) where the version marked is 4.8.0 and it works on both android and ios

Is that an issue with the lottie-react-native library? or maybe the last version of json files that the lottiefiles build is just bad and need to get fixed by lottie?


i tested the apps on physical devices with Expo Go

Hi @Achraf, for your issue, please try to create an issue on the repository you are using e.g. GitHub - lottie-react-native/lottie-react-native: Lottie wrapper for React Native. for better assistance.

Hello @Lay_Kheng, thanks for you response.

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