Infinite Animation broken on android

Hey there,

I have a problem with my infinity animation on lottie view. On ios it works properly as infinity animaton should but on the android the infinity animation doesn’t work properly

Animation Link:
React Native version: 0.72.4
lottie react native version: 5.1.6

Kind Regards,

Hi @Jevon

Could you try with lottie react native version 6.7.2?

Hi @haleeza,

Thank you for your reply. I have upgraded to 6.7.2 and this animation still appears to be broken.

I have checked on lottiefiles and all feature checks pass.

Any idea what it could be?

It might be a rendering bug. I recommend filing a new issue on the Lottie React repo for further assistance: Lottie React Native Issues.

just make it loop with code!