Lottie file only showing up in Firefox

Hi guys, I used elementor pro to attach my JSON file to my site (I’ve used the URL from the lottie file and placed it in my wordpress site using elementor pro) and it worked yesterday on different browsers and my mobile but for some reason today it’s only showing up on Firefox. I’ve also tried uploading the JSON file directly to the site and that didn’t work either. Any tips? The animation is a simple animated graph and should appear about halfway down the page next to"How PPA Works". Link is below.

Hi @adam1 I tested on Safari & Chrome and the animation is working well.

Thanks @haleeza but I’ve tried in Chrome on my desktop and my colleagues, and it’s really buggy. The animation only moves forwards a number of frames as I scroll down the page, when I stop scrolling it stops. The same happens when I scroll up but the animation moves in reverse a number of frames. The person who is building the site used Elementor core Lottie element they said…
The animation is also still coming up with the same buggy appearance for me on mobile as well.