Lottie causing site traffic to go through the roof

I’ve added Lottie to one of our sites and ever since adding it our bandwidth usage has skyrocketed. We host with WPEngine and before Lottie we had around 30-40k visits but now are being charged for over usage at 150k+.

Is there something wrong with how we are loading Lottie in or is WPEngine doing something wrong?

They has said it’s valid traffic, but it just doesn’t seem right to have to pay so much more for an animation on a page, or does it?

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Hi, What’s the file size of the your Lottie animation (default.json)?
Good check with WPEngine if hotlinking is allowed for your files.

I think it’s less than 90kb.

I have a ticket open with WPEngine now. I’ll report back what they say.

After a lot of back and forth with WPEngine they have figured out that the file was being counted as a dynamic/human visit and have now added a rule so that .JSON files are treated as static.

I have the rule saved on email if anyone ever needs it for reference to solve a similar issue.


Thats amazing. Thank you @waspeling, appreciate sharing the response here.

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