Lottie Animation Use Case

Hello, I am new to this platform but actually we are developing a mobile application that has gifting option in live streaming (just like Tiktok). We were already designing gifts the traditional way (3ds max and blender) but once we started the integration process our developers are saying that the current video Format (MP4, MOV) are very huge and will cause issues to our app, they recommended using ‘SVGA format’ but actually it is confusing whether SVGA is the same as SVG or it is something different (the internet doesn’t clearly states the deference). So my final inquiry is, is Lottie a good fit for our use case? and if yes , is there a way to convert the existing video files into Lottie? and is Lottie animation reliable in mobile apps? Thanks in Advance

Making video files into Lottie is not impossible but it misses the point. These are meant to be low file sizes using vectors and SVG elements. Movie files would require a frame by frame PNG sequence which would be a very large size. The Lottie format wont compress your video to make them smaller.

You could try the WEBM format which is made to compress video files to be significantly smaller.