Loop in Adobe Xd

I’ve been discovering this universe of tiny animation of lotties.

I’m doing a prototype in Adobe Xd, and have emported a lottie file. It won’t loop even if I select the object to loop. After it’s duration, the object even disappears.


Hi @awesome.neivan1 did you set up these interaction settings?

Hi, I am having the same problem.

My animation begins with a blank frame and then elements of a logo appear and merge together. It is intended to play only once.

So I imported it into XD, and it plays once when I preview it, and then disappears, like the OP described. However I think it maybe doesn’t literally “disappear” but actually it returns to the first frame of the animation, which in my case is blank?

Because I tried some of the free animations offered by lottie and they don’t disappear at the end of a playback.

Does anyone have some more experience with this?