Play once and stay visible

Hello everyone, I would like to use this lottie Yoga lotus flower on Lottiefiles. Free Lottie Animation. I need to set it to start playing only when it appears on the screen, it is “drawn” once and then remains visible. Is it possible to set this up? Like here Homepage v1 | Yoga. I uploaded Lottie to the website using the Divi Pixel plugin. The website is with WordPress - Divi builder. Thank you for the advice.

You should be able to set the animation to not loop on your CMS.

Thank you. Can you be more specific?

For webflow, as an example, when you put a JSON file in it you can choose to have it loop infinitely or have it just play once.

Looks like you’re in Wordpress, and whatever plugin you’re using to place the JSON should also give you the option to have it loop or play once.