Height set up not working anymore

Super weird. Everything worked just as fine but some days ago, I can’t set up the height anymore. Even if I insert the lottiefile-player inside a div.
Was there a new update of LottieFiles ?

I found similar cases, the sizes of my icons are uncontrollable, all are scaled down… so frustrated

hi @leo2710 @lauriane . I maintain the Lottie Player repo. Which version of the player are you using. there were some bugs with 1.4.2 and 1.4.3. I did push out an update 1.4.4 to fix the height issues. and also may i know whether you are using percentages or pixels or viewheight to set the height? It would help if i can get some details on how you are setting the height thank you

hi, karam7898, the sizes are being normal now. i am using pixels to set height.
thank you

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Perfect thanks ! I am using pixel as well. I found out that it was kinda a problem with the height inheritance on the .animation class after the #shadow-root. Is that right ?

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yup @lauriane . basically the .animation class deducts the height of the animation by 35px(the height of the controls) its only supposed to come into effect if the user enables controls. Just adding .animation.controls was the fix. Good eye