Error downloading files

All of a sudden I’m getting an error message when trying to download a JSON, Mp4, or Gif. Any idea as to why? It’s happening with new and older files. I’ve restarted my PC, cleared my cache.

It says:

We couldn’t find the page you are looking for …"

Do you have a link I could try out and see if it downloads for me?

Sure, here is one.

That link just was the giant wall of text. Is that what you’re experiencing? Well, it looks like to me that they’re re-formatting the preview pages, because mine just changed. I guess this is a current maintenance issue. I’ll DM you an animation and I’ll see if you can view it/see the handoff page.

I think you copied the Lottie URL instead of the web URL. If you can provide the URL from the web, it would be helpful.

Here you go. I think Irbypace was unable to see the file. She thought the site was being updated I’m able to download the files now.