Editing Lottie JSON file to stop looping?

How can we stop a Lottie file exported from After Effects (using either the Lottie or Bodymovin extension) from looping? My end use is by importing the Lottie file into Vectary WebGL environment – so I have no way to control it outside of their framework.

Is there a way to prevent the Lottie Animation from looping by editing the file with the JSON editor in the Playground? And if so, what code what I use and where would I place that code?

Hey @Peter1

Unfortunately, it’s not something that can be define in the JSON file itself. It’s the player that defines whether to loop or not.

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Thank you – player override makes sense. Luckily , I discovered Vectary does indeed provide means for controlling playback.

Editing the Lottie JSON file can adjust looping. Within the JSON structure, modify β€œlc” (loop count) to limit loops or set to β€œnull” for infinite loops.

My json have lc = 1 and is in looping.
How can I stop the looping into the json?