Editing Lottie JSON file to stop looping?

How can we stop a Lottie file exported from After Effects (using either the Lottie or Bodymovin extension) from looping? My end use is by importing the Lottie file into Vectary WebGL environment – so I have no way to control it outside of their framework.

Is there a way to prevent the Lottie Animation from looping by editing the file with the JSON editor in the Playground? And if so, what code what I use and where would I place that code?

Hey @Peter1

Unfortunately, it’s not something that can be define in the JSON file itself. It’s the player that defines whether to loop or not.

Thank you – player override makes sense. Luckily , I discovered Vectary does indeed provide means for controlling playback.

Editing the Lottie JSON file can adjust looping. Within the JSON structure, modify “lc” (loop count) to limit loops or set to “null” for infinite loops.