Dynamic Vector Asset in Lottie

I am currently designing an interaction that will be replicated on many different icons. Instead of doing all of the icon interactions in Lottie, I would like to do one where some content (icon) is dynamic.
As I know its possible to do with png/jpg. How about vector files? Is there a way to include a dynamic vector element in lottie (that could be replaced for implementation)?

Hey @Vika_Marszalek,

What specific types of vector files are you working with? It would be helpful to understand your use case in more detail. If you have static vector elements that you’d like to make dynamic within a Lottie animation, one approach is to convert these elements into image formats like PNG or JPEG. These images can then be integrated into your Lottie animation to achieve the desired dynamic effect. If you can provide more context or specific requirements, I can help to check this further.