Convert Lottie to SVG

Hello community i hope doing well,

I it possible to convert Lottie animation to SVG image?

like… just export one SVG static graphic?

Yes exactly! Like the first frame from lottie to save it as an svg

What’s the context for it’s use?

I didn’t found nice svg for my project. I found better Lottie’s, but I need is as svg

You could contact the creator? Remember you should ask people about fair use for their illustrations. You can use the LottieFiles Figma Plugin to do this. You can select a frame and insert as SVG.

Download: LottieFiles for Figma Plugin - Enrich your designs with motion

You can easily do it, just open inspector in web browser, copy svg node and save to file.

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Thank i will try it.

Thank you very much, it’s working.