Bounce not working


I’m trying to create this card animation and I have this bounce effect that is not getting exported. Does any of you know why this might be happening?

This is the intended animation:

This is what lottie is exporting:


This is what lottie is exporting:

Is it a 3D layer for the bump/movement? Or rotation keyframes?

@irbypace I’m using keyframes to rotate it.

Care to share a screenshot of your layers/setup?

@irbypace this?

Yep. Try doing it without the layers being 3D

@irbypace that really doesn’t work :neutral_face:


Yeah, I think you’ll have to re-do the keyframes. The 3D layers will likely not export the way you want them to.

Yeah, irbypace is correct. Lottie doesn’t support 3d layers.
I sometimes do “source animation” with 3d layers, and then rotoscope trace with 2-D shape layers.

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@bart That’s a good idea! Thank you.