Animation not looking good with json

Hey guys!
I’m having an issue with the json of an animation I have uploaded to lottie. I exported my animation from after effects and it look ok in the browser and even when I export it as a gif, but when the guys from dev put the code in xcode the dart in the animation is doing something different.

This is how the animation should look like

And this is how it looks when they add the json to the code

Does anyone know how to fix it?

Thanks and kind regards,

Hey Eloy
Do you use a path to follow with the auto-orientation to make the dart animation?
If so, try to avoid it in using only position and rotation options.

Hey @eloy.munoz I agree with @thomas.bne I think you should only do it with path and rotation. Also, for ease, set your anchor point to be the tip of the dart which will help you when doing the wobble.

Thanks guys for your answers! @irbypace @thomas.bne

I’ll try that :+1:t2:

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