Animation doesn't show last frame

I’ve created a bunch of lottie animations all 2 seconds long at 30 fps. In every stage of the design process and when I view the animations in HTML locally. I can see all 60 frames fine. However when uploaded to Lottie files and viewed in the ‘My Previews’ page none of them render the last frame (60 of 60). The animation loops and skips the last frame.

Also oddly when I open each animation by clicking it and turn off the loop. The last frame is there and displays correctly before going back to the first frame.

I’ve also uploaded the files to the CMS we are using and once again. The last frame isn’t shown.

I assume there is some issue when in certain circumstances the animation loops before the last frame is rendered?

Any ideas how to fix this?


Exactly same problem. Anyone hase solution?