Adobe Animate not supporting drawn animations?

I excitedly downloaded the LottieFiles for Adobe Animate plugin, hoping to see what I could do with it.

I’m a cartoonist and animator, and I’ve done a lot of animations in the traditional Flash cartoon style. I was hoping I could import JSON-based animations of “hand-drawn” cartoon characters. I created a test consisting of the following character:


He sways up and down, dancing to music (exemplified by the musical notes in the air).

When I export it in Animate thru the LottieFiles plugin…I get a blank screen. The same thing happens when I try to export it thru After Effects using Bodymovin…nothing.

Has the Animate plugin not been developed beyond beta yet to read these images? They are all graphic symbols, and the landing page for the plugin download says it supports “all shapes and symbols.”

Any answers would be appreciated, thank you!

Is it keyframe animated or is it effect based animated?

It is keyframe animated, using nested graphic symbols. Everything was hand-drawn with the brush tool.

Ah I think that it’s not supported