Adding event listener to chained Lottie animation

Hello all,

I need some help in chaining Lottie animation. I want to know when the animation chain ends and when it is on the last frame. I have an event listener in javascript that should detect this. However, I see that in the chain animation, each time the animation ends, it wipes out the event listener. Also, player.currentFrame property only accounts for the specific animation in the chain and not the entire chain itself.

What I want to happen is to have 2 chain Lottie animations. When the first one is complete, the next one appears and it is a hover animation.

I have a codepen here that demonstrates the problem I am seeing. I want the first chain animation to complete and then the second one is loaded. What happens is that the first animation in the first chain completes and then the second chain animation is loaded.

Lottie Code Pen