Turning an Idea into reality

I have an idea for a lottie around my current website, but I am unsure if
a. it would work and,
b. if it would look modern/innovative enough.

It would be awesome to have an animated loading screen to give time for the rest of my website to load so that I don’t lose engagement and conversion. Would a lottie file be suitable for this?

I am using Wordpress for my website so again unsure if a popup to allow the rest of the page to load behind it would work well (I have an idea how to implement it if it would be a good idea).

The design idea I was thinking was having a picture/screenshot of the old website being pushed out and a new one showing up and as it loads up the loading file fades out and the new website is there.

Problem i see is this would only be useful on a first time visit (again sorted with cookies etc) but maybe it would also need to change from time to time to keep it fresh?

If this is do-able, how would it be best to tackle putting the file together?

Any help appreciated in helping to make this idea if people think it is a good/viable option.