Timeout when publishing to public

Hi all. Newbie here trying to get my Lottiefile to publish so I can use it on my wix website.

I added the name, description, tags, etc. but every time I try to publish to public it just spins. I’ve tried multiple times and even let it sit overnight and no luck…

Can I get some support on this?

How large is the file?

Same Issue Happen With me it was stuck on that publish to public action, I am Trying Since Last Month Everyday but can’t find any solution. if anyone knows the solution please help me out.

@irbypace My File After Effect File Size was 402KB and .json File was 3 kb only.

How big is the file and did you try removing the AE file?

I am Using 5 Tag Maximum With ‘’,‘’ after each word that was works for me

My Lottie was Publish to Public Now Thanks Lottie Support Team @irbypace

Please Try this method @host.rerent

Hello everyone

This issue should be fixed now. Can you all give it a try?