Playing an animation once and then triggering a loop

I’ve been trying to get an animation playing correctly with the Lottie web player, but I’ve been running into some difficulty.

I would like the animation to trigger on scroll, playing the first 60 frames. After that, I would like to loop frames 61 to 300. I can currently manage a somewhat janky version of this by using two scroll triggers, but i’d much rather the 61-300 frame loop to simply begin automatically after playing frames 0-60, without any additional scrolling required.

Does anyone know how to accomplish this? I’ve tried searching through some of the docs but can’t figure out how to do this.

Hi Julian, is this something you mean by trigger on scroll?
So if you change it to seek, your animation will only play 0-60 frames when scrolling down; after that it will start looping from 61-300.

    player: '#firstLottie',
    mode: 'scroll',
    actions: [
            visibility: [0, 0.2],
            type: 'stop',
            frames: [0],
            visibility: [0.2, 0.5],
            type: 'seek',
            frames: [0, 60],
            visibility: [0.5, 1],
            type: 'loop',
            frames: [61, 300],