I have many drafts but no animations?

In Lottie Creator, the EXPORT button promises that I’ll be able to download as lottie json. Instead, I see my file(s) saved as a “draft,” and drafts do not download as lottie json. They need to be “real” animations.

So if the EXPORT button doesn’t do it, how in the world do I change a draft to an animation downloadable as lottie json?

Any help will be much appreciated!!

Hi @Laurence

When you click the Export button, the file will be saved as a Lottie animation in your workspace, and then you can download the .json file from there.

I just tested this on my side, and the functionality works as expected. It seems that when you click on Export, the file is being saved as a draft instead of being exported as a Lottie animation.

Could you provide more details, such as the steps to reproduce this issue and a screen recording of the behavior, so we can investigate further?

It did work when I switched to the Chrome browser. I must have some kind of anti-popup setting in Safari that was messing me up.

But thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile:

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