Flickering while exporting from AE Duik Plugin + Easy Bake

I have exported this animation using Easy Bake + Duik Plugin. But I find it flashing when uploaded to Lottie Player but plays fine in AE.

Let me know your solutions. Thanks in advance!

Hey there! I’ve checked your source file and it looks like you didn’t convert the .ai files to shapes. This isn’t an issue but the lottie will look much nicer if you use only vector shapes and not .ai files which only Ae interprets them as vector files.

You’re having the flickering because your project file is set at 30fps and the Lottie player runs at 60fps. This should be fixed if you set the project at 60fps and bake the expressions again. At least you can spot the jump (one of them at frame 71/60fps)

Hey there, Thanks for the solution you have provided :+1:. I have tried it out. Results are better than the previous ones. Still, it requires few more tweaks to be done.

Hey Mograph.studio,

I have tried a few more animations with the same AE DUIK plugin + Easy Bake, here are the results. Please check and share your reviews

Hi there!

It looks like it’s a rotation issue in the first case. For example at frame 21 where the first flickering is happening, you have Layer 3 Outlines jumping from from -1x -8.0° to -2x -7.1° so it makes a full rotation in just one frame. Indeed, it requires some manual tweaking to fix these issues. I use Easy bake and never had these flickering issues. Hope it helps. Cheers!

Hey mograph,

Oh, that’s great! I will look into that. Thanks for your feedback. In the next animation, I will try with AE Limber for character animation to solve the flickering issue. Otherwise, I have to do manual tweaks.


Limber also uses some expressions and you might have more keyframes and a bigger file. For these simple movements I would use FK with some basic parenting and nulls.

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