Lottie animation not working properly in Safari

Hey there. I made a Lottie animation. And it works with all browsers but Safari.
When I see it from Safari the animation is suddenly cut in half and then resized like 4x the actual size, then blinks for a bit and then goes back to regular size.

I tried uploading the preview in lottie from Safari, and the preview looks weird. But when I upload from any other browser, the preview looks good:

@kaltoft1995 Hey, possible to get the share url for this animation?

Having the same issue. The animaton plays as it’s supposed to, but it’s not repsonsive (i.e. it’s gigantic).

Hey I Know What the issue you r Facing is because you use the width and height in Lottie player in HTML code remove the code and then code it throw CSS and media query

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This method doesn’t work for me. Is there another one?